• hot water from solar energy
  • no disposable products, almost no plastic
  • pool with nature friendly electrolysis plant

Sustainability is an very important topic for us. Our guests can get fresh water from the water dispenser all day long, so that there is almost no plastic bottle-rubbish. Waste separation is still an unpopular topic in Mallorca, but it is getting more and more important. We set very high standards and separate everything that can be recycled. And if there is any bread left in the kitchen, we bring it to the farmhouse in the neighbourhoud for their horses.

We use a solar system to get the energy for the water supply – therefore we use the 300 sunny days per year.

Our pool is equipped with an electrolysis plant, so we have low chlorine production. “Incredibly smooth for the skin”, as our guests say. And the environment is also grateful for this gentle version of pool care.

Of course, sustainability is also important concerning food – we can already harvest figs in summer and oranges in autumn from our own cultivation.

Many other projects are in the planning stage – such as the further cultivation of our own fruits and vegetables. Our vision is to generate the entire electricity demand for the Finca from our own ressources.